What a week.

This whole week has been filled with excitement, let-downs and devastation. For me it has just been the first two. From the boston marathon bombing, to the shootings in Watertown CT, and MIT campus. It’s like a switch has gone off in everyone’s head. Hopefully things go back to normal soon, even though there are talks that things are about to get worse. With N.Korea threatening the U.S. and everything in between, I don’t blame people for thinking that way.


Playoffs 2013

Playoffs 2013

The NBA playoffs begin this saturday,and I have to say this will be a great one. Every NBA fan is eaer to see how these playoffs turn out. Of course most of everyone are going for the Miami heat, but I will continue to stick with m lakers.

Spring ?

“A new week and also a new season”  what I’ve been told by others. Although this statement might have been true 3 weeks ago as a prediction, it is sadly not true. We are heading toward the end of march and it still feels like winter. Hopefully it’ll warm within the next few weeks (fingers crossed).


Last night vs The Hawks, the lakers clinched a dramaic victory. The final score was 99-98. Kobe Bryant was spctacular, and looked like the old kobe when he was in his prime. As a lakers fan and a Kobe Bryant fan of course, it was good to see and hopefully the Lakers get into the playoffs.

David Ortiz still has Achilles’ tendon soreness


David Ortiz not playing in the Red Sox’s first 10 spring training games is no surprise as he comes back from the Achilles’ tendon injury that wrecked his 2012 season, but the fact that he still has soreness is potentially a reason to worry.

Manager John Farrell told Maureen Mullen of CNSNE.com that Ortiz will have to run the bases on back-to-back days before he’s cleared for game action, but he was sore enough after doing so Saturday that he canceled Sunday’s scheduled session.

As part of his two-year contract Ortiz’s 2014 salary can rise from $11 million to $15 million if he spends fewer than 20 days on the disabled list due to the Achilles’ tendon injury this season. He’ll make $14 million this year.

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Spring Break (6 and 1/2 more days)

It’s almost that time of year for spring break. A time to kick back, relax, and rest, or in most cases go to the beach. This year my friends and I are driving up to VA beach for spring break for about 3 days. This is my second time going somewhere for spring break without my family so it is very exciting. Hopefully everyone has a safe yet fun spring break!

Happy 50th!!

Happy 50th!!

As a diehard basketball fan I thought it would be honorable to recognize that today is Charles Barkley’s 50th birthday. Charles Barkley is truly one of my top 5 favorite player of all time. He was arguably on of the best at the power forward position. Even though he won’t see this, Happy Birthday Sir.